We would like to thank the higher education community for great run, but the decision has been made to wind down Higher Ed Careers Canada. It takes many hours to run every week and our core operations have shifted away from the site.

On July 19, 2016, the last job will be posted on the site. The site will be maintained for approximately one month as a reference and then the site will ‘go dark.’

If you have questions about the closure or interest in the site, please contact us by emailing kyle [at] higheredcareers.ca

Our Process

We pride ourselves in being not just a website for colleges and universities to advertise jobs, but an aggregator of jobs. We play an active role by seeking out the latest higher education jobs in Canada. It all starts with our cloud-based web crawler in the wee hours of the morning.

Cloud Web Crawler


Our web crawler examines the page on a university or college's website that shows job openings. With custom filtering and institutionally specific logic, it determines what constitutes a job listing.


The web crawler hands off the webpage to another server that removes extraneous information and converts the job posts to a specific format, then stores it in a remote storage facility, date and time stamped, along with all the meta data (name of institution, location, province).


As job listing data enters the storage facility, the new job listings are compared to the previously stored job listings to produce a "diff" that shows the job listing additions and deletions. The diff is added to a database and tagged for a specific date.

Edit / Verify

The data is held until our staff can edit and verify that the job listings for that day are accurate and have enough context to make sense on our website.

Schedule / Publish

The job listings are scheduled to publish throughout the day. Upon publishing, the listings are cross-published to Twitter immediately, on a slight delay to Google+, and into a daily digest post for Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

This process repeats itself for every institution we serve - hundreds of times per day. Setup an account and learn how you can benefit from this process and get thousands of potential employees learning about jobs at your institution.