We would like to thank the higher education community for great run, but the decision has been made to wind down Higher Ed Careers Canada. It takes many hours to run every week and our core operations have shifted away from the site.

On July 19, 2016, the last job will be posted on the site. The site will be maintained for approximately one month as a reference and then the site will ‘go dark.’

If you have questions about the closure or interest in the site, please contact us by emailing kyle [at] higheredcareers.ca

Why Advertise with us? We are distinct.

Sure, there are other places where you can advertise a job opening at your college or university but Higher Ed Careers Canada is different.

  • We use a custom web crawler to seek out job posts. Learn more about our unique discovery process.
  • Social media is a powerful tool for job listings and our platform is built from the ground up to integrate tightly with social media.
  • Mobile matters and we are mobile optimized. Our site allows users to search for new jobs anywhere and and on any device.
  • We are made for Canada and made for Higher Education. Our sole purpose is to post jobs from colleges and universities in Canada. Not the US, not at private research firms. Just Canadian institutions of higher learning.

Ways to advertise

Enhanced Job Posts

free vs enhanced

Our job posts are generated by a web crawler that works a bit like a search engine, gathering the titles of new jobs across Canada daily. Since this is largely an automated process, the details can be sparse. By enhancing a job post, you can add details, photos and design to posts from your institution. You can either create a new job post from scratch and insert it into our publication schedule or you can make modifications to an existing job post.

$150 / post with no time limit. Setup an account and learn more.

Banner Ads If you've been on the web for any amount of time you've seen banner advertising. It is tried, true and effective. Great to get job seekers looking at your institution as a potential employer or to draw attention to a specific program.

$100 / 30-day period. Setup an account and learn more.

Prime Advertising

Prime Ads

Our Prime advertising is a unique type of ad that is displayed either on the homepage of our site or on the index page for a specific category (province, metro area, or institution). These ads are much more than an image - they are a container to which you can add anything - interactive Javascript pieces, rich content, or media. Because of their influential hierarchical page position, page visitors can't miss your message.

Starting at $250 / 30-day period + development cost. Setup an account and learn more.

Find posts from your institution

Because of our process we automatically find job listings at colleges and universities. Use this tool to find job listings from your institution.